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Sun-Damaged Skin Care Products

The sun can cause sun damage to your skin, this is reversible with sun damaged skin care products. Do you want brighter, more youthful looking skin? Do you want to leave the house with less make-up on and have a better complexion? We all love this idea! This is where Obagi Skin care comes to your rescue with the skin care professionals at Modesto Aesthetics & Laser. The ladies at MAL of Modesto are experts with the Obagi Skin Care line, a medical grade skin care system that goes to the cellular level of the epidermis.

According to the professionals with, dull skin is caused by a build-up of dead skin cells and dehydration of the skin. Skin can have many reasons for becoming dehydrated and dull: 

  • Natural dehydration occurs with the aging process. 
  •  Environment. Cooler, dry weather, heaters, sun exposure and UV rays all contribute to dry skin. 
  • Hormonal changes can affect your skin and decrease blood flow to the skin, making it appear dull.   
  •  Alcohol. 
  •  Nicotine. 
  •  Caffeine. 
  •  Medications. Certain medications can cause your body and skin to lose moisture. It is important to stay hydrated while taking medication. 
  •  Lack of exfoliation of skin cells.   

What You Can Do to Rid Skin of Dullness and Dehydration?  

  •  Proper exfoliation 
  •  Sun Protection 
  •  Topical antioxidants 
  •  Make adjustments to your diet and exercise routines. Drinking the recommended amount of water daily will help the clarity of your skin and hydrate it. Exercise allows blood to move more efficiently in the body and takes oxygen to the cells, helping the skin to regenerate and have a healthy glow. 
  •  Regular facials and microdermabrasion treatments, peels, AHA’s and BHA’s help the skin look healthy and glow. 
  •  Get plenty of sleep. Your body rejuvenates while you catch those zzzz’s.  
  • Reduce stress.  
Obagi Nu-Derm System Skin Care of Sun Damaged Skin

The Experts at recommend you use medical grade Obagi Nu-Derm System of skin care to exfoliate your skin, enhance your skin tone and bring moisture back to your skin. It also gives your skin sun protection. You can purchase Obagi skin care products at Modesto Aesthetics & Laser. Schedule your appointment for a free consult and speak to one of our estheticians about which Obagi products will work best for you and start your journey to gorgeous, glowing skin! Call 209-577-3340. Make 2021 your best skin care year ever!