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NeoGen PSR

Modesto Aesthetics and Laser

NeoGen PSR Non-Surgical Face Lift

What is NeoGen PSR?

NeoGen PSR is also known as NeoGen Nitrogen Plasma. NeoGen is a regenerative skin treatment that delivers dramatically different results and is an FDA Approved skin resurfacing procedure for the face, neck, and chest. NeoGen PSR also treats the delicate tissues of the orbital eye area including the eyelids all the way to the lash line. NeoGen Plasma Skin Regeneration (PSR) uses plasma to deliver energy to the targeted treatment area to achieve intense skin rejuvenation. PSR uses an ultra-high frequency (UHF) generator to convert inert nitrogen gas into activated ionized gas which is called plasma. The NeoGen PSR System is the only device that uses plasma for skin rejuvenation.

NeoGen Plasma PSR.

What Makes NeoGen Nitrogen Plasma Different?

Results are comparable and, in most cases, far more natural looking than traditional cosmetic surgery. NeoGen has two energy categories, high and low energy. NeoGen excels at pigment equalization as well as eliminating unwanted pigment. NeoGen can transform the entire texture of the face, neck, and chest with dramatic results. One distinct difference in NeoGen is the PSR plasma preserves the skin’s outer layer while treating deep into the tissue to maximize collagen and elastin production.

What Should I Expect During My Treatment?

A topical numbing cream is applied 45 minutes to one hour prior to treatment. Most patients find the procedure to be slightly uncomfortable but tolerable. NeoGen PSR preserves the skins outer layer and provides a natural protective dressing until your new healthy skin forms over the next week.

How Much Downtime Will I Have After My treatment?

The downtime after treatment can vary. Many factors need to be considered such as your age, skin type and your body’s ability to heal. Typical downtime for low energy treatments are 3-5 days, high energy treatments range from 5-7 days. Most patients can put makeup back on by day 7 while they are finishing the healing and peeling process. You can expect to have some redness for up to 2 days then the redness will change to brown over a few days following the procedure.

NeoGen before and after.

What Should I Expect Following My Treatment?

NeoGen stimulates fibroblast generation along with massive collagen production and elastin formation. NeoGen facilitates fibroblast generation and continued regeneration. Results deliver a tighter more contoured and youthful looking appearance. Just one NeoGen PSR treatment can significantly improve skin quality. It’s unique ability to safely treat the upper and lowe eyelids resulting in what may describe a non-surgical Blepharoplasty. Unlike traditional laser treatments which require corneal shields, the plasma energy delivered to the eyelid tissue does not penetrate through the cornea making this procedure safe. You will also notice pigment equalization and elimination of excessive pigment that is the result of the natural aging process and sun damage. Surface improvements will appear quickly, and deep dermal collagen remodeling continue for 12-24 months.

Benefits of NeoGen:

  • Non-Surgical Face Lifting
  • Treats The Face, Neck, and Chest
  • Dramatic Skin Tightening
  • Noticeable Skin Contouring
  • Drastic Wrinkle Reduction
  • Deep tissue Remodeling
  • Skin Smoothing & Resurfacing
  • Visible Acne Scar Reduction
  • Major Scar Reduction
  • Pigment Equalization – Sunspots
  • Pigment Elimination
  • Massive Collagen Production
  • Immediate Elastin Formation
  • Fibroblast Generation & Continued Regeneration
  • Long-Lasting Effect
NeoGen before and after.

Photos courtesy of Shaun Charles Spa.