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IV Infusions

Give your body the boost that it needs while allowing us to give you the VIP experience you deserve in one of our serene rooms. Each of our uniquely tailored IV infusions will help you hydrate and nourish your body & mind, so that you always feel and look your best! 

Book a consultation and allow one of our knowledgeable providers to make the best recommendation for your needs.  IV infusions are great for everyone; they allow for effective and quick high-nutrient bloodstream absorption that bypasses the digestive system.  Although anyone can benefit from IV Infusion treatments, patients who struggle with metabolic disorders, experience frequent intestinal inflammation, or have had weight loss surgery will always benefit by bypassing the digestive system and receiving vital nutrients directly through an IV.


Simple: Give your body the hydration boost it needs; dehydration does not discriminate.  Whether you spend your day behind a desk, chasing around your kids, or in a physically demanding job, dehydration can creep up all of us manifesting in migraines, fatigue, weak skin etc…

Upgrade: Add a boost of nutrients to your hydration bag such as B12 and our potent Vitamin C antioxidant!


Princess Package: Get the glow you deserve starting from within. In our Princess Package you will receive nutrients that support healthy, strong, and radiant skin, nails, and a glutathione push which is a powerful antioxidant that will protect and preserve your health. So come in and enjoy fuller hair, stronger nails, and radiant skin!

Performance Enhancement: Decrease the “DOMS” from your workouts and boost your recovery with this Superhero blend of IV infusions.


Already feeling like a million bucks, but would like to be proactive in staying that way? Call for a consultation with one of our providers and allow our team to put together a treatment package that supports your lifestyle. In a hurry? Ask about our unique formulations in injections, most of our high quality nutrients can also be given via a shot so that you can pop in and bounce back to your daily activities.