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Summer Bodies Are Sculpted in the Winter

Do you desire to have a sculpted and toned body? Now is the time to prepare for your summer sculpted body. It is no surprise as we age it may seem more difficult to maintain your look. For those of us who work out and try to eat a balanced diet you still may have specific areas of your body that diet and exercise seem to resist. You may even find yourself with a tummy that no number of sit-ups or exercise seems to help, let alone sculpt. Who does not want a lean, toned waistline? Keep in mind that as your hormones change with the natural aging process your body shape naturally changes too.  

Body Sculpting and Body Contouring with FDA Approved TruSculpt iD and FLEX 

Great news! Cutera, a medical aesthetics manufacturer, has created two noninvasive body sculpting systems that give you the power to choose your shape. The truSculpt iD is the latest FR technology body sculpting. TruSculpt iD and TruSculpt Flex can be combined for the optimal treatment pairing for the truBody you want! Target and treat excess pockets of fat in areas such as abs, flanks, thighs, and back or bra fat. When TruSculpt Flex is added to your treatment plan the muscles are toned and can align with your fitness level, shape, and personal body goals.  

What is truSculpt iD? 

TruSculpt iD is an FDA Approved fast 15-minute non-surgical body sculpting treatment that destroys fat in your body through monopolar radiofrequency energy. Your adipose tissue has a narrow temperature tolerance and absorbs radiofrequency energy. During the treatment, your fat cells warm up and absorb radio waves. With the process the truSculpt iD system disrupts fat cells and eliminates them. Studies show an average of 24% fat loss in the treated area. 

The heat created by radiofrequency energy destroys the fat cells and then they are naturally flushed from the body in the weeks following your treatment. There is no downtime after the treatment. The only effect you might feel is a slight warm sensation. It may take 6 –12 weeks to see your full results. Some patients who desire to lose more than one inch in a treated area may require more than one session. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will ensure you see the benefits of your truSculpt ID treatment for years.  

What is truSculpt Flex? 

Are you looking to not only lose inches in a targeted area but also desire muscle toning at the same time? Adding truSculpt flex sessions to your treatment plan helps breakdown the fat at a faster rate but also tones the treated area. One treatment for your abs is equivalent to 54,000 crunches in one 15-minute session. Three treatment modes provide low energy and painless bioelectric pulses causing multi directional stimulation (MDS) which focuses low energy electrical signals to target muscle groups creating high-intensity muscle contractions. Results can be seen with as little as 6 treatment sessions. TruSculpt flex provides muscle toning as an intense workout. Flex is designed to shape muscles by simulating twist, squat, and crunch exercises all while you are relaxing during your 15-minute treatment session.  

Are you ready to create the body you desire and finally get rid of those stubborn areas of fat? If so, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about truSculpt iD and truSculpt flex at Modesto Aesthetics and Laser. You can schedule a consultation at 209.577.3340