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QWO Cellulite Treatment is Here!

FDA Approved for moderate to severe cellulite treatment in the buttocks

Modesto Aesthetics and Laser

Beauty lovers rejoice! Cellulite is soon to be a thing of the past.  There is a revolutionary new treatment called QWO Cellulite Treatment at Modesto Aesthetics and Laser.  QWO is the first FDA approved injectable that let’s go of skin dimples by breaking down the fibroid bands that cause cellulite.  Prior treatments for cellulite include Sculptra injections or Elixis Ultra laser removal.  These treatments only helped with the texture of the skin rather than completely erasing the cellulite.  It was possible to undergo surgery to remove cellulite, but it was invasive and had quite a bit of down time.  QWO is administered by injections, so it is not invasive and there is no downtime. 

What is Cellulite 

Cellulite is formed by the fat that gets confined into the dermal layer of the skin.  The trapped fat leads to an “orange peel” or “cottage-cheese” appearance as dimpling occurs. It causes the skin to lose its firmness and smooth contour. Women of all sizes have cellulite. 

How does QWO Cellulite Treatment Work? 

QWO is injected directly into the skin dimples responsible for cellulite.  Previously, when surgery was the only method to completely remove cellulite, the medical professional cut the fibrous band that trapped the fat.  During the OTC treatment the syringe contains an enzyme that dissolves the fibrous bands rather than cutting them.  It is a first of its kind treatment.  Administering Doctors have reported that there is slight bruising and soreness but no downtime.  The best place to have cellulite treatment is on the buttocks and upper thighs. You will see skin tightening and cellulite erased in as little as 3 weeks.  Results will last 2-3 years. 

QWO Cellulite Treatment Near Me 

Modesto Aesthetics and Laser is proud to offer the QWO treatment injections.  At Modesto Aesthetics and Laser, they love for their clients to “experience the art of beauty with the science of skin care.”  Their clinic is staffed with highly qualified medical professionals.  They take pride in giving the highest level of service and results.  From head-to-toe Modesto Aesthetics and Laser has you covered.  Call them today at (209) 577-3340 to schedule a consultation.