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NeoGen Plasma

Modesto Aesthetics and Laser

As we grow older, it is only normal that we want to put our best face forward. As we all know, with age, our skin loses elasticity and fullness. Skin on the face begins to sag and loosen. Unfortunately, as we age, collagen gradually decreases. Collagen’s purpose is to act as supporting structures and anchor cells to each other. Since collagen gives our skin strength and elasticity, once it begins to diminish, the tightness in our neck, face, and other body parts starts to sag and lose elasticity. The NeoGen Plasma treatment is a revolutionary procedure for anyone looking to experience an increase in collagen, along with all the benefits of restoring collagen. 

What is NeoGen Plasma? 

According to NeoGen Plasma’s website, “NeoGen uses a highly energized gaseous state know as plasma to penetrate the superficial and deeper levels of the dermis to replace damaged collagen and encourage new collagen and elastin growth.” Plasma is produced inside a handpiece through the combination of nitrogen gas and high radiofrequency. The plasma is made in the handpiece through the combination of nitrogen gas and ultra-high radiofrequency. The handpiece is then administered over the target areas such as the face, neck, and chest. 

What Results Can I Expect from a NeoGen Plasma treatment? 

The NeoGen procedure has become one of the most popular treatments on the market today because you receive many benefits from even a single treatment. Here are just a few: 

  • Firmer tighter skin 
  • Wrinkle reduction 
  • Eye lid lightening 
  • Decrease of dark eye circles 
  • Improves skin pigmentation, such as sunspots 
  • Minimizes the appearance of scars and stretch marks 
  • Improves overall tone of face and neck 
  • Treats acne 

What to expect after my treatment? 

Patient’s treatment plans can be customized to meet individual needs. A patient may choose to do several lower energy sessions, resulting in 2-3 days down time or do 1 full energy session with 5 to 7 days of downtime. Most patients experience 1 to 3 days of redness with mild discomfort. Facial peeling usually starts around day 5 and varies depending on energy level of treatment. Once the facial peeling has ended, the skin is soft and subtle. For optimal results, most patients prefer to do a series of 3 or more milder treatments. 

Post Treatment Care 

It is necessary to stay away from direct sunlight or use sunscreen if you find yourself in a position where you cannot avoid the sun. You should wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with 50 SPF or more to make sure your skin is protected during the healing phase. Many patients choose to wear a wide-brimmed hat or use an umbrella if they must be in sunlight directly after treatment. It is best to stop your regular skin care regimen, especially if you use retinol; however, your skin may feel dry, so a good moisturizer is recommended.  

You will be thrilled with your post-treatment skin. Like many other patients worldwide that choose NeoGen Plasma Technology, it is a game changer in turning back the clock and revealing a younger, tighter skin. This innovative and unique skin rejuvenation plasma technology is helping people worldwide look and feel their best.  

At Modesto Aesthetics and Laser, we only have the most highly qualified and knowledgeable estheticians on our team. We are always looking for the newest ways to make our patients feel their best, and we think we have hit the jackpot with this treatment, as will you! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation at (209) 577-3340. We cannot wait for you to try one of our treatments and love the skin you are in!