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LaseMD Ultra – Finally A Treatment for Melasma

Living in California has many benefits and only a few drawbacks. One of the few drawbacks is that we receive significantly more sun than most regions. Excessive exposure to the sun can wreak havoc on your skin, including causing melasma, excessive skin pigmentation, and sun damage. 

What is Melasma? 

Melasma is a skin condition in which light brown, dark brown, or blueish-gray patches appear on the face. They usually appear on the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Melasma can be caused by hormonal changes that occur when pregnant or from heat and sun exposure. It is caused by an overproduction of the cells. This disorder is harmless, but understandably, it makes many people self-conscious. Until recently, there was not much that could be done for melasma besides topical skin care. Those afflicted could only hope the spots would eventually fade away. Finally, a laser device that works! FDA-approved LaseMD Ultra has proven results!  

What is LaseMD Ultra? 

LaseMD Ultra is a new laser with four times more power than its predecessor, the LaseMD Pro. This fractional laser can specifically treat each spot rather than the entire face so that you can heal faster. Also, with the fractionated laser, there is a better approach to resurfacing the skin by creating tiny microchannels in the dermis, helping to increase its permeability while preparing it to absorb the nanoparticles from the laser better. As these microscopic wounds heal, collagen remodeling is stimulated, pigmentation is broken up and dramatically reduced. LaseMD also helps with diminishing acne scars and erasing hyperpigmentation. It polishes the face’s surface, leaving your skin glowing and soft. 

Additional Benefits of LaseMD Ultra: 

Beyond treating melasma, there are other fantastic benefits from this new treatment, including: 

  • Targets skin lesions and Keratosis. 
  • Customizable treatments with virtually no downtime. 
  • The treatment is quick, with only some discomfort. 
  • Able to treat every skin type. 
  • Treats moderate to severe sun damage. 
  • Delivers results with skin pigmentation. 
  • Treats multiple areas including the face, neck, arms, décolleté, and more. 
  • Most patients need a minimum of 3 treatments. 

LaseMD Ultra Near Me 

Do not suffer with skin issues, Modesto Aesthetics and Laser can help! Melasma, major sun damage, pigmentation, or acne scars, we can put together a customized treatment plan for you. Consultations are free. Call or text now to schedule. 209-577-3340