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Change Your Look with Body Sculpting Modesto, CA

Are you watching what you eat and exercising, but still have areas of the body resistant to diet and exercise?  Are you close to your ideal body weight and want to work on specific areas like your abs or thighs? Modesto Aesthetics and Laser can help you achieve a more toned and contoured shape.  Modesto Aesthetics and Laser has a cooled sculpting device that is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that can firm, tone, and sculpt your body. Many patients discover definition in their body that was hidden once they opt for a body contouring procedure.  One of the newer technologies for toning and firming areas of the body is cooling therapy with Cryo 21

What is Cryo 21 Body Toning and Sculpting? 

According to Cryo 21’s website, “Cryo 21 therapy is the process of facilitating a thermal shock to the body thus reducing the temperature of fat cells, causing them to die-off in a natural way.  This natural process is called Apoptosis, which results in a gradual degeneration of fat cells and their evacuation of dead fat cells.”  Once the machine is applied to the area of the body needing contouring, it reaches a temperature of 8 degrees Celsius.  After 4- 6 treatments most patients lose up to 12 cm or 5 sizes.  As with any medical procedure, results may vary.  

The Cryo cooling technology is absolutely brilliant.  It works on problem areas including:  

  • “Bat wings” (the layer of loose skin that sags under your triceps)  
  • Abdominal fat  
  • Double chin  
  • Thighs and Love Handles 
  • Wrinkles on the face can improve with improved skin tone. 
  • Chins and Jawlines can be sculpted and firmed 

 Cryo 21 therapy is more advanced than other types of body sculpting which may cause swelling and burn marks leading to longer recovery time between sessions.  Another reason Cryo 21 technology is so brilliant, is that it has few side effects and little, if any downtime.   

Modesto Aesthetics and Laser is a medical practice specializing in non-surgical body sculpting using Cryo 21 Body Sculpting.  Their medical professionals excel in eliminating stubborn fat and aim to help you with shaping, toning, and contouring your body, so you look and feel your best.  In as little as 6 treatment sessions you’ll see results from your Cryo 21 Therapy. A healthy diet and regular exercise are encouraged to maintain the desired results. Call us today to schedule your consultation at (209) 577-3340.