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5 Things to Know About the New FDA-Approved Alternative to Botox: Daxxify

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new injectable medication called Daxxify (or Daxi) for adults looking to smooth out and diminish facial wrinkles. Experts believe Daxxify is one of the first alternatives to emerge that rivals Botox. Since Daxxify is new to the market it is only available in select clinics, we are proud to provide it! Modesto Aesthetics and Laser is one of the exclusive practices where patients can receive first access to the treatment.

Daxxify belongs to a group of medications called neuromodulators. This group includes Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau. Although these injectable drugs have similar effects, their formulations are unique. Results of reducing wrinkles and fine lines usually lasts about three months. 

So, what makes Daxxify different? According to medical experts, this product stands out as a neuromodulator that can keep wrinkles at bay longer than others. Clinical trials submitted for FDA approval revealed that 80% of users saw no visible facial wrinkles after four months, on a return visit, half of the participants still showed minimal evidence of wrinkles at six months. Experts are convinced that Daxxify will revolutionize the neuromodulator market. 

What is Daxxify and How Does it Work? 

The newest neuromodulator, also known as Daxi, has been proven to have longer lasting results than other neuromodulators such as Botox or Dysport. The critical difference – a peptide is attached to the neurotoxin, which helps muscles absorb more of the active ingredient. Common treatment areas for Daxi include diverse types of wrinkles, including frown lines (the 11’s), forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and neck tightening.  

Because of Daxi’s extended effectiveness, it offers patients more flexibility in selecting the best wrinkle treatment that suits their lifestyles. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with busy schedules who require consistent maintenance. Below you will find 5 other important pieces of information we think our patients should know about this revolutionary treatment. 

Daxxify vs. Botox 

Neurotoxins require proteins to penetrate targeted muscles and wrinkles effectively. Botox and Dysport use specific accessory proteins for this purpose, while Daxxify is the first neuromodulator to use a unique peptide, which makes it longer lasting. Plus, Daxxify is the first neurotoxin available on the market without albumin, thus making it a vegan option. 

The initial purpose of developing Daxi was to provide a topical alternative medication option with the benefits of Botox. Scientists added a peptide to the neurotoxin to enhance its effectiveness and to improve its absorption into skin and muscle. Although the topical version did not penetrate deep enough, researchers found that they could inject the new formulation into the muscle delivering superior wrinkle-reducing results. 

Are You a Suitable Candidate for Daxxify? 

If you have used Botox or Dysport before or are interested in reducing dynamic wrinkles/fine lines, Daxxify is an option. Additionally, patients with a high metabolism sometimes experience shorter benefits from Botox. Therefore, Daxxify may be a better choice for people that naturally need longer-lasting results. Also, for anyone with frustrating etched lines, particularly between the brows, Daxxify can provide better results and help retrain the muscles for a softer, more relaxed effect.  

The medical providers at Modesto Aesthetic and Laser can customize a treatment plan for you during your consultation. They may decide to use Daxxify in combination with another neuromodulators such as Botox for other areas of the face to achieve the best combination of results and duration tailored to your unique features and lifestyle. 

Treatment Sites for Daxxify 

Daxxify is a versatile treatment that can address dynamic wrinkles in multiple areas of the face. Still, it is commonly used for glabella or frown lines, forehead horizontal lines, and crow’s feet. However, like all neuromodulators, Daxi can be used artfully to balance the entire face. This includes the masseters muscle, neck tightening, downturned mouth, gummy smiles, or to induce a lip flip or brow lift. Plus, it can be used for reducing bunny lines, and smoothing a cleft chin or chin dimples. Our medical providers are highly skilled and knowledgeable in regard to facial anatomy and skin structure, which helps them use Daxi artfully to create a natural yet refined look of true harmony and optimization on your face. 

Additional Uses for Daxxify 

Daxxify like Botox, has alternative uses that can aid in managing specific medical and aesthetic concerns. These treatments aim to improve the quality of life for adults and encompass the following: 

  • Grinding/Clenching of the Jaw or TMJ: If you are experiencing aching, soreness, or headaches due to teeth grinding, treating the jaw muscles can help. The use of Daxxify treatments in the masseters can be used to alleviate symptoms and even create a slimmer lower face. 
  • Excessive Sweating: If you suffer from excessive sweating and antiperspirant products are ineffective, neuromodulator treatments like Daxi can be an excellent solution for reducing underarm sweat, and you may only need to be treated for it bi-annually. 
  1. Is There Any Downtime with Daxxify? 

Another benefit of Daxxify is no downtime or significant recovery time. Once we complete your treatment, you can return to your usual routine but will need to avoid exercise that day. 

Since Daxxify has received FDA approval and it has been proven to be effective, we are proud to offer it. We’re happy to provide our patients with another option for reducing fine lines and wrinkles! If you are seeking a more enduring alternative to Botox that may require less maintenance treatments, Daxxify could be an excellent choice for you. 

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