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What is NeoGen Plasma? 

Resurface, Regenerate and Tighten your skin on the face, neck, chest, and hands 

NeoGen Plasma offers a range of treatment options and delivers unapparelled results. Nitrogen Plasma Technology both restores and regenerates the skin’s natural architecture. NeoGen provides a unique deep tissue remodeling with rapid healing with nitrogen plasma technology. The device delivers controlled heat to the skin surface stimulating a significant physiological response without creating an open wound. Unlike most aggressive ablative and non-ablative treatments, the downtime after NeoGen is significantly less. 

What does NeoGen Plasma Treat? 

NeoGen reduces superficial and deep wrinkles with Nitrogen Plasma Technology. Removes discoloration on the skin and improves the skin’s overall tone, texture, and elasticity. NeoGen effectively treats acne scars, benign pigmented lesions and tightens areas above the upper and lower eye lids. Clinical studies show significant skin tightening to the face and treated area. Unlike other skin rejuvenation procedures NeoGen Plasma is an industry leader with treating the orbital eye area. Patients see and feel a significant improvement to the tightening and lifting of the upper eyelids and improvement with tone and texture below the eye.  

-Treats superficial and deep wrinkles 

-Removes skin discoloration, improves tone, texture, and elasticity 

-Tightens the skin around the jawline and improves the jowl area 

-Corrects and improves the nasal labial area between the nose and mouth 

-Corrects fine line on the upper lip 

-Improves acne scars 

-Overall skin tightening and boosts collagen production 

-Tightens and lifts the skin on upper eye lids 

-Reduces dark circles 

-Dramatically improves bags under the eyes 

-Treats age spots on the hands 

-Corrects skin pigment 

How Does NeoGen Plasma Work? 

NeoGen works by heating up the skin from Plasma energy that is derived from nitrogen gas. The energy pulses from the treatment leave a frosted appearance to the surface of the skin. Patients have minimal discomfort during the procedure. Hydrating yourself prior to your treatment is particularly important. Patients are prepped first a hydrating mask and then a topical BLT numbing cream is applied to the skin. Patients will have a red color to their face immediately after their treatment with a feeling of mild sunburn. Within 4-6 days after your treatment the skin will have a thin layer peel off. The plasma energy provides protection to the skin’s outer layer which provides protection to the outer surface of the skin while the new skin forms over the first 10 days (about 1 and a half weeks) following the treatment. Your skin will have a renewed and tightened look and the deep dermal layers of collagen will continue to improve over the next several months. Patients will continue to see skin rejuvenation, tone and texture improve up to one year. 

Who is an ideal candidate for NeoGen Plasma? 

Anyone can benefit from NeoGen. This procedure is excellent for patients over the age of 35. NeoGen can reverse sun damage on the face, neck, and hands. Age spots dramatically improve along with overall skin tightening. The orbital eye area will see a major improvement in contraction of the upper eye lids along with a significant improvement to the bags under the eyes. Just one NeoGen treatment provides significant improvement to the quality of the skin.  

Customize your treatment plan 

The treatment is customizable to meet each patients needs. A patient may choose to do several lower energy treatments 2-3 days down time or do one full energy treatment with 5-7 days of down time.  

-Downtime consists of 1-3 days of redness with mild skin discomfort depending on the level of treatment  

-Days 4-7 peeling takes place and varies with the energy of the treatment 

-Depending on the level of treatment most patients can start to wear makeup within in 5-7 days. 

NeoGen Plasma results are consistent and dramatic leaving you with a refreshed natural look. Turn back the clock and take 10 years off your face.  

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