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Fat removal with truSculpt 3D Non-Surgical Fat Loss

Modesto Aesthetics and Laser

Let’s face it. We live in a world surrounded by drive-through dining choices. The pandemic did not leave most of us in the shape we wanted, and many avoided going to the gym. Even the most health-conscious individuals still battle stubborn areas of fat that resist despite our best efforts with nutrition and exercise.

There is now a new treatment solution. A remarkable new dimension in body sculpting is here. Non-surgical fat reduction, truSculpt 3D is multi-dimensional to decrease circumference and reduce fat cells to treated areas. Common areas that are treated are the abdominal area, flanks, and thighs. The truSculpt 3D glide technique offers consistent results with an average of 24% fat reduction to treated areas of the body. Many patients love treating both more extensive and small areas in about 60 minutes or less. If you are tired of dieting and exercise that still leave you with problematic areas, truSculpt fat loss may be for you. 

What is truSculpt 3D? 

Non-surgical truSculpt 3D is a non-invasive Monopolar RF System. It uses a proprietary radio frequency technology that features a closed loop with temperature feedback. The devices then heat up. Your provider will glide them across problem areas. As the device glides across your skin, it delivers targeted, repeatable, and uniform sculpting. The clinically therapeutic temperatures emit into the subcutaneous adipose tissue. Once treated, the fat cells around the problem areas quickly diminish. Who does not want to look in the mirror and see slimmer and more sculptured abdominal muscles and flanks? 

What is the Difference Between Cooled Sculpting technology and truSculpt 3D? 

Both procedures reduce fat cells in treated areas leaving a more sculpted look. However, truSculpt 3D does not require cold to freeze away the fat cells. It’s lo the opposite as truSculpt 3D fat reduction body sculpting uses heat. The truSculpt3D is non-invasive and considered one of the safest body sculpting treatments on the market. Offering minimal downtime and delivering measurable results makes it an industry leader in the medical spa world. The results are also outstanding with uniform delivery. After just one session, up to 24% of the fat or subcutaneous adipose tissue may permanently be destroyed in the treated area. One of the other added benefits is that the treatment can be done without damaging the fat’s skin or other tissue. 

Boost your confidence and loss your unwanted fat in your problematic areas for the last time. Look great in your skinny jeans in time for the holidays. Non-surgical fat loss body sculpting offers measured results. Call Modesto Aesthetics and Laser today for your free consultation for this amazing procedure. 209-577-3340.