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Ladies, call and schedule your lunch time lift today. 

The award-winning ClearLift

 is a highly effective skin rejuvenation procedure that delivers amazing results. This in-and-out lunch time procedure is virtually painless and has no downtime. ClearLift also works on all skin types. Most patients require two to four treatments for best results. The ClearLift 4D is the most powerful Q-SWITHCHED Nd:Yag laser technology. Your laser nurse can control the exact depth of your treatment. Precise treatments deliver unbelievable results after two to four sessions.

Benefits of ClearLift

  • is on ablative, meaning it does not heat or damage the outer layer of your skin
  • treatments are brief, typically around 20 minutes
  • requires no skin numbing prior to treatment
  • leaves no prolonged skin redness or swelling
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